A downloadable game for Windows

Ameba is a single player sci-fi shooter where the gamer will have to survive to each level while searches for the clues to complete every challenge. 

The control of the ammo testing the aim of the gamer will be crucial because it will not be easy to recover unless you find how to get it from the enemies. The player controls the Major Miller, a high skilled soldier with an important range that found herself in the middle of the chaos, and is trying to survive the invasion by aliens of the spaceship she was in. Move her though every level until fronting every alien she will have to front on her way to reach the room where you will find your way out before all become ashes. 

Use your ability to avoid some enemies.

Create traps or find the clues to solve some of the puzzles.

And challenge your friends to see who can pass each level using the less amount of ammo.


ameba-win.zip 944 MB
Version 1 May 16, 2018